Fuck Yeah Felice Fawn

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Anonymous: Why do you think felice is so special you should make a fantumblr for her?

she is talented, successful in photography and retouching, she is beautiful and she is also very genuine and kind. she has it all, brains, skills, personality, etc. :)

Permalink | 146 notes "There are over 3 billion women in the world. Assuming that the majority of females aged 0-13 and 60-100+ are not able to conceive children, that leaves us with 47% / approximately 1.5 billion women. These 1.5 billion women menstruate and lose an unfertilised egg every 3-4 weeks. That’s approximately 18 billion unborn children every year. You were given life. Treasure it." — Felice Fawn

(Source: blog.felicefawn.com)

Permalink | 74 notes "My one wish is that people merely aspire to better themselves intellectually, emotionally and mentally, as opposed to physically in comparison to that which they perceive to be ‘perfect’." — Felice Fawn
Permalink | 55 notes "Don’t ever allow anyone to belittle your ambitions, including yourself." — Felice Fawn
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lifeinitslittlemoments: I've just found this Felice Fawn, and I think she is absolutely amazing! Is she very well-known? She is so beautiful <3 and well, inspiring. <3

hello! :) yes she is very well known now! we love her <3 xoxoxo

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